"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead..." Romans 1:20

Friday, June 7, 2013

Into the Woods: Wood Chips

It has been two months since our woods was cleared of the dead trees and brambles.  This pile of wood chips is still waiting for us to distribute in the play-yard....

Right now it looks like a pile of debris, but as soon as we get busy and spread it over the weeds that are growing in the area, it will become quite useful.    

God can do the same for us!  He sees through all the debris in our lives and patiently waits for us to want to "clean up our act" by calling on Him to come cut down the "dead wood" and turn it into wood chips--to be used to make paths that follow Him or spread about to smother and kill the unwanted things cluttering up our lives.  

Myles Munroe has written a book called "Understanding, Releasing, and Maximizing Your Potential."  He writes, "The release of your potential requires that you stick with something until you see it through....[God] designed you to work out your potential."  I, for one, need to have this drilled into me.  Too often I give up when some skill I need to achieve my dream does not just appear.  Oh, I've made attempts at learning to play the hammered dulcimer, speak French, or illustrate one of the stories I've written, but I grow frustrated long before I've made enough progress to keep me trying.  I eventually tell myself I really didn't want to learn it anyway, yet.....the desire remains.  

I've often wondered why one person has the natural ability to draw or play a musical instrument and another does not and can this ability be learned?  How much does desire play in acquiring the skill?  Or is it all by happenstance?!  I'm sure the age at which one begins the learning process can make a difference and I can claim it's too late for me now!  But I only need look at Grandma Moses to dispel that excuse.  

Instead I've come to believe it has more to do with something blocking the creative spirit from coming forth.  It's like the pile of wood chips waiting to be distributed for lack of pitchfork and rake and willing hands to do the work.  Like anything worth having, one must be willing to work at it.  Too often things that come easily are not fully appreciated.  Perhaps that is the lesson I'm to learn.

Father, I must confess I still feel befuddled about whether or not I will ever see my aspirations come to bear, but I will trust that You are working in me to do what I must in order to achieve them.

Link to scripture:  Ephesians 3:20

Take action:  Learn to Draw

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