"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead..." Romans 1:20

Friday, March 9, 2012

Trust Part III

Back in January I wrote a post called Clean Slate in which I agonized over whether or not I'd made a mistake in buying a piece of used furniture with the intent of having it reupholstered before I'd found out what it would cost to do so.  I finally resolved it by having a back-up plan for what to do with the sofa if it turned out to be too costly to refurbish.  I ended up going ahead with the project but not without more dilemmas.  

After deciding to proceed with the project I spent several hours looking at fabric on-line and at the fabric store.  This in itself was harrowing just because I'm not good at envisioning the finished project.  To go from a swatch to a whole sofa was daunting to me!  The fabric I finally picked was one I loved and had used to cover (crudely with safety pins) some chair cushions for my previous living room furniture.  I'd even made matching pillows to go on the old sofa (the ones in the photo below).  I don't know why it took me so long to realize that this was the fabric I should get.  It was under my nose the whole time.  It would even go with the existing curtains.  To top it off I was able to buy it at 50% off with the store's coupons.  

It ended up costing a little more than the original estimate I'd been given because all the foam had to be replaced.  It turns out the previous owner had a pet and the bad smell permeated beyond just the old fabric.  But the added cost did not put it beyond a reasonable price for what I ended up with--a sofa with the lines and fabric that I love:

I wonder how often we miss receiving what God intends for us to have because we are afraid of risking something.....especially when it's love.  My used sofa ended up getting a whole new make-over--from the inside out.  But I had to take some risks with my money.  Until I saw it finished I couldn't be sure I'd love it.

When it comes to risking love we don't know what the outcome will be either.  We might be rejected or taken advantage of.  Yet, you can be sure if you "play it safe" and don't risk it, you'll end up without it...just like it would have been with me and my sofa.

Father, thank you for this lesson in taking a risk to get what I want.  And even if the outcome had been different, I know You would have used it for good in some way in my life--just as You do when it comes to risking love.

Link to scripture:  http://bible.cc/1_corinthians/13-7.htm

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