"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead..." Romans 1:20

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Wireless vs. Tethered

"True liberty means we are free to love God and to walk in the way He has prepared for us, trusting His love to take care of our need."

I wrote the above on my computer in 2003 in my daily devotional "Freedom in Christ."  It expresses in another way what Warren Wiersbe has said, "Our greatest bondage is to have our own way; our greatest freedom is to let God have His way."  At the time I wrote my devotional my computer mouse and keyboard were tethered to my computer via a cord.  As I upgraded through the years my new computers came with a wireless mouse and keyboard.  The advantage is there are  no cords to clutter up the top of my desk.  The disadvantage is I have to replace the batteries every so often.

But I discovered another disadvantage that is making me rethink wireless and going back to tethered.  Bluetooth (the technology that sends the information through the air) and my computer's mouse were not communicating properly this morning which prevented me from using my computer.  I found myself telling my husband that this confirms my belief that the root of all trouble is the lack of communication. . . .not only with people but with God.  Too many Christians in our society have become "wireless" Christians in that they think believing is enough.  They think God will automatically provide all they need now.  They go to church, may even attend Sunday School, and feel they know everything they need to know.  They think they can come and go as they please and do their own thing because God is on their side.  Then they wonder why they feel no peace.  

This isn't true freedom.  When we go "wireless" we run the risk of having something interfere with the connection we established with God when we invited Him into our life.  Life gets hectic and we begin to carry our own burdens (see last week's post); unexpected trauma throws us into turmoil and we lose our footing; our thoughts become vulnerable to being "hacked" with lies from the enemy.  Any number of things can knock us off the path God has prepared for us.

By remaining tethered to God through daily, moment-by-moment communication with Him--through continuous prayer, scripture and devotional reading, and worship--we will be able to walk in the way He has prepared for us.  We will be free to move about unencumbered by life's cares because we know that He is there to carry the burden for us.  Our part is to trust Him.  To do that we need to talk to Him, then listen and respond.  Then, despite difficulties, we will experience a peace that "passes all understanding."

Father, Jesus was sent in order for me to reconnect to You without fear of being cut loose, if I will just trust in You.  I realize it is much better to remain tethered to you than to try to go it alone.  This is where true freedom can be found.

Link to scripture:  Philippians 4:4-7

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