"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead..." Romans 1:20

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


In the 1970s there was a movement termed New Age in which consciousness was a key word.  To be "conscious"  is to be "aware of and responding to one's surroundings; awake" according to the dictionary. 
Awaking to a new day

I was a Christian and even though not part of Christian community at that time, I was aware of the disdain that church goers had for the movement because the terminology "New Agers" used was not Biblical.  By the end of that decade I began reading my Bible and became a part of a church community.  By the 2000s I'd left the church community because I was seeing a disconnect between what I read in the Bible and how Christians lived.  I began reading authors that would have been considered New Age by many.  Because I'd thoroughly read the Bible by then and studied it for more than 20 years I was able to see many truths in what these "New Age" authors had to say.  If you just changed the terminology many were speaking the same "language" as the Bible.  Just to be clear--I do not embrace "New Age" ideology.  However, I do not automatically dismiss truths just because they're presented from a "New Age" point of view.  Instead, I trust the Holy Spirit to lead me into all truth.  I believe the Bible has been given to us to verify or disqualify what is presented as Truth--whether within the Church or outside the Church.

In 2003 I wrote my own daily devotional.  I've been rereading it this year and today's entry began with a quote by Eugenia Price in her 1978 book, "Share My Pleasant Stones," that I needed to hear again:
“Praying is being aware of God.  Praying without ceasing is being constantly aware of Him.” 
I wrote in response to Eugenia's words:  
Everything hinges on our relationship with God and as in any good relationship communication must be ongoing.  Prayer is this communication.  The key, though, is the “unceasing” prayer we must maintain with God in order to walk with Him.  We can’t just check in every now and then.  It must be constant.  Eugenia says that this “without ceasing” is a constant awareness of Him.  We don’t have to be in conversation with Him---just aware of Him.  God is at work in us.  His Holy Spirit in us is praying FOR us.  There’s a lot going on in our “hearts”---the place where God resides.  It’s in being aware of this activity that our unceasing prayer takes place.  At any given moment we may be called upon to respond to God’s leading so we must be paying attention.  This awareness keeps us always in tune with God’s voice even while we may be speaking to another person.  This kind of living has nothing to do with “doing,” but rather with “being”---being in a place where we can hear and respond to God.
This "paying attention" that I speak of does not come naturally to me.  My mind is often occupied with other thoughts besides what is going on at that moment.  How many times have I missed a turned while driving because my thoughts have been elsewhere?  Forgotten to bring something I'd set out to take with me?  Not heard what the person in front of me is saying?  These are just a few examples of what happens when my thoughts are not "in the moment"....when I am not conscious of my surroundings.

If I were to put Eugenia's words into action--to be constantly aware of God--I would notice an immediate change in my life:  I would not say some of the things I say because I'd be aware they were not being said in love.  I would not feel afraid because I'd be aware that God was my strength.   I'd never feel lonely and I certainly would never be judgmental because I'd be aware that God is the Judge, not me.  I'd never be impatient because I'd be aware that God knows the perfect time for all things to be or not to be in my life.  I'd also be aware of anything beautiful.  I'd see things in His Light and notice the intricate details that He lovingly put there for His children to enjoy.  But most of all I'd be aware of what His will for me is--what I'm to do with the time He has given me.  To have a relationship with God that I experience with each breath I take is indeed "nirvana". . . .

Father, being aware of You moment by moment is all I've truly wanted.  I've sought you outside myself even though I knew you were in me once I received the Holy Spirit.  May I finally, once and for all, live this truth--that you are in every breath I take.

Link to scripture:  Matthew 26:41

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  1. Hello Sis, As an F.Y.I., this blog did come up with the "comments" area. I loved what you wrote in this blog. The Holy Spirit does teach & guide us when communicating with GOD. I also love that the bible tells us that even if we don't know how to pray about a problem or need HE still hears the groaning of our hearts. Hugs to Cathy!