"For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead..." Romans 1:20

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fear vs. Love Part II

I keep coming back to the theme of love vs. fear--you do what you do either from a place of fear or from a place of love.  Scripture says "Love casts out fear".  We all know how it feels to be fearful.  We can't escape it!  But we can choose not to live there.  Some do it by escaping reality altogether, or at least temporarily, by keeping overly busy or other society-approved ways.  But in doing so we're just prolonging the inevitable and in the process make it worse when we have to open the door to the fear that's camped out on our doorstep.   We find the thing has grown inordinately large, blocking our exit.  We feel as though we're standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.  Even if you aren't afraid of heights it can be quite daunting!

This video (watch at your own risk!) shows the new Skywalk built 4,000 feet above the floor of the Canyon:

Grand Canyon Skywalk

I have to admit that just watching the video caused a tightness in my chest!

But if you've ever been to the Grand Canyon you also have seen it's beauty!  Breath-taking kind of beauty.  You experience an awe you may never have experienced before because of it's vastness.  

Grand Canyon Beauty

Father, may I quit looking down at my fears and instead look up into Your Love.

Link to scripture:http://bible.cc/1_john/4-18.htm


  1. The Skywalk is kind of scary. I'm not so sure I would want to walk it. Much rather view from solid ground. When we go someday in the future, I may change my mind when I can see it & the people on it. Just wonder about man made construction, etc.

    1. Skywalk is 254 miles from the South Rim, which is where the Park is located, so you'll have a good excuse not to walk out on to it unless you decide to drive 5.5 hours to get there. ☺︎